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  • ginger fig muffins

    ginger fig muffins

    We are experiencing more typical Seattle weather, finally! Which is nice. I mean, I like the dry and sunny summery days we’ve been having, but this is Seattle, and it is winter, dammit. Rainy days and Mondays do not always get me down. Plus, it’s baking weather! Plus, the lighting on a rainy day is perfect!…

  • mixed berry sour cream cake

    mixed berry sour cream cake

    There are some recipes that look fairly ordinary and unassuming on the surface, but, upon closer inspection, and sometimes only after making it oneself, does one discover its true beauty. Its specialness. Every cake is special. (To be sung to the tune of “Every Sperm is Sacred” No! j/k, Haha!) There are a couple of things I really…

  • graham cracker star cookies

    graham cracker star cookies

    “I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you.” ~Grace Jones In making holiday cookies, I didn’t bother to add more flour under the dough as I rolled it out on the counter. This caused them to stick and as I used a spatula to scrape them off the counter to the baking sheet, I noticed that…