Pear Hazelnut Cake


I actually made this pear hazelnut cake in the spring for someone’s birthday at work. Since I work at a very large place, I doubled the recipe. I’ve found that when you double a recipe for a 10-inch springform pan, it fits into a 14-inch springform pan, almost exactly. So that’s typically what I do when I need to bring in a large cake for work. I’ll find a cake online that calls for a 10-inch pan, and just double it for my 14-inch pan. Enjoy!

2 responses to “Pear Hazelnut Cake”

    • I’ve made it before substituting corn meal in place of the hazelnuts, and it tasted great. I’ve seen similar recipes that had corn flour for pear tart or pear cake, with almost the exact proportions of ingredients, except with corn flour, instead of nuts. I don’t know if cashew nuts are much different in composition than hazelnuts. Some nuts have more fat, which might affect the recipe if substituted. But I say, give it a whirl!


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