finding a cheap pizza fix

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Now that I’ve been a furloughed federal contract employee for nine days (AAAAARGHHH!!!) I’ve become somewhat more conscious of my frivolous purchasing choices in day-to-day life. Which is a good thing. So when I went to Trader Joe’s today and noticed that, in the produce section, one can find one pound bags of refrigerated pizza dough for $1.29, and close by, all the necessary ingredients for pizza–tomato sauce, cheese, herbs, and pepperoni, sausage, etc., at similar pirces, I thought, why not?

I decided to make mini pizzas using a cupcake mold pan. (BTW, I know this isn’t exactly original. Even though I haven’t googled it, I just know that this is a thing out there that’s been done before. But when I realized the price per pizza “cupcake”, I thought it would be worth at least a mention here.)

I found that each pizza “cupcake” uses very little ingredients: an ounce of pizza dough, about half an ounce of pizza sauce, half an ounce of cheese, and half an ounce of pepperoni, which I sliced into strips and toasted in the oven on a baking sheet for several minutes beforehand, to add some crunch and crispiness.

The total price per pizza “cupcake” is less than 50 cents!

It also takes about 30 minutes. Just like delivery, only YOU are the deliverer. 🙂


Cut pepperoni into strips and spread out on parchment paper on baking sheet for several minutes at 400. Don’t burn, but you do want it crispy and crunchy. Pinch off an ounce of pizza dough for each cupcake, and roll into a thin circle, press into greased cupcake mold, and alternate between cheese and pepperoni toppings, about half an ounce of each. Bake for about 20 minutes, until some browning on sides of dough occurs. It should come out easily. Abbondanza!

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2 responses to “finding a cheap pizza fix”

  1. Thank you for this recipe! Not only are these delish, but as you say – they’re a good, cheap alternative. I’ve been working at finding cheaper options for my cooking as well without skimping on taste. And it looks like you haven’t skimped on taste, presentation – or anything here!


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