The Lunchbox

I saw this last night. I strongly recommend it. Not because it’s a foodie movie. It’s actually not that much of a foodie movie, whatever that’s supposed to be. It’s about a woman in India who makes lunches intended to impress her husband, only it ends up wrongly being delivered to another man, who is more appreciative of her cooking than her husband.

Instead of immediately correcting it, she starts corresponding by written letters to the man via lunchbox notes, and they have a platonic relationship through the letters, and she confides in him, and vice versa, plus other things happen. Whether you are a foodie, or not, I think it will move you. It definitely moved me. BTW, does the term foodie bother you? Do you self-identify with the word? I understand some people scoff at the word. I myself, don’t care if someone wants to call me that. To me, I’m not bothered if someone thinks it’s derogatory or condescending. I don’t look at the word that way, or refer to someone thinking it’s derogatory. But then again, I’m obsessed with food So? Anyways…

I found myself thinking about myself and my life, and the state I’m in, and the choices I’ve made while watching the movie. I think one element of a good movie is when you don’t get a sense that the actors are acting. That the actors are relatable, and have complexity to them, and make you think of your own experiences.

There are a couple of noteworthy quotes to the film that are either uttered by the main characters, or read by each of them through their correspondence, but the main one that gets used in the movie and in the trailer seems to be this:

“Sometimes the wrong train can take you to the right station.”

I found myself thinking of that a lot. Even posting it as a status on my Facebook!

I don’t give you too many details of the movie, in case you want to see it, but things happen in the movie that affect all the main characters. I found myself relating to the characters and really enjoyed the visual elements of the movie. It wasn’t too focused on the food, but enough to make me want to eat Indian food after the movie! I didn’t get to eat Indian food last night after the movie, but maybe I’ll get Indian food sometime today!

It did make me think of my husband Ben, who has been making salads for me to take to work, since about February of this year. He came up with the idea after seeing something online about how large mason jars are so easy and convenient to pack salads, because you can layer the ingredients, and keep the veggies crisp by placing the salad dressing, or more watery elements, at the bottom, and then just empty the contents into a bowl when you are ready to eat.

It just dawned on me that I’ve saved most of the pictures of them on my phone, since I usually will text him during lunch, and send him a snapshot of how the salad turned out. I sometimes augment my salad by getting something from the bakery downstairs, but mostly, I’ve tried to eat just the salads.

It has been very convenient, and a way to get more servings of veggies per day, a goal I always seem to forget a few weeks after the new year! Thankfully, Ben has included some meat, and sometimes pasta, to satisfy the craving I have for meat from time to time. Here are most of the salads I’ve had since February at work (not counting a week off I took in April, plus a few other days here and there) that Ben has packed for me:






3 responses to “The Lunchbox”

    • Yes! I think it’s worthwhile. I saw it up at the Crest theater in Shoreline, so it was cheap, too! Have a great weekend!


      • Oh good! I looked it up and was wondering where the heck that theatre is located. 🙂 I’m going for sure. Looks lovely.


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