A wedding cake



Just a simple phone post to say that it is finally over! It all went over well without any surprises! Whew!

The top tier was three chocolate layers with peanut butter filling and the bottom tier was chocolate cake layers separated by raspberry filling.

I made this, plus two half-sheet cakes of chocolate with raspberry filling that the kitchen staff cut up and served for dessert to serve 70. All cakes were frosted with a cream cheese white chocolate buttercream frosting.

Thanks, Janet, for the edible flowers, and thanks to the bride and groom for the experience! Overall, I enjoyed making cake for a large group, but am now looking forward to focusing again on my blog, and food and desserts on a smaller scale!

18 thoughts on “A wedding cake

    • Thanks! And yes, it was. I’ve made cakes for large groups before, but I think cakes that are also on display add some pressure to the cakemaker. And I’m so critical of it, of course, because once I make something like this, I immediately think of another way I could have made or done something. For this, I’m happier with the tiered cake; but critical of the half-sheet cakes. I think people liked it enough, though, so that’s how I’m going think back on this. I’ve never used large rectangular sheet cake pans before, so now I have two half sheet pans that I know better how to use for the next time!


    • Thanks! Luckily the venue had air conditioning throughout the areas, which was such a stress reliever! The weather has been beautiful, but not so good for buttercreams and tiered cakes. All ended well, so I’m lucky!


  1. Very impressed – tiered cakes and wedding cakes in particular frighten me to death with all the endless possibilities of what could go wrong – melting/falling over/damage etc etc. So you must be so pleased – well done!


  2. Very nice Bro! But if you can make mango cupcakes from scratch to serve 100 in the PI then this is a walk in the park, right? Looks (and I’m sure, tasted) delicious!


    • Hi Bro! Wow, I forgot about those! Each event has it’s own set of stressers. But this went off fairly smoothly.


  3. The cake looks absolutely amazing, I was wondering how things went having read the previous post, so glad everything went smoothly, I know how much pressure it is to make something for such an important event, great job Dave!


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