crustless cheesecake with raspberry coulis

photo (32)

Happy National Cheesecake Day! I had some leftover cream cheese AND sour cream that I didn’t use for the wedding cake last week, plus I noticed that the food holiday for today is National Cheesecake Day (Which to me, I don’t usually follow. We’ve gone overboard with all the fake arbitrary food holidays, IMO, but whatevs). So I made this and brought it to work.

It’s from here. This is my go-to for cheesecake. It’s from Rose Levy Berenbaum of Cake Bible fame. I used a 14 x 3 cake pan with removable base, so I multiplied the recipe by three and it fits perfectly into this humongous pan! And I just decided that it doesn’t need a crust.

Please note that taking one photo from my phone of a cake (that isn’t even presented on a plate), and only linking to the recipe, is NOT a trend I hope to continue with this blog. I simply did not have time to work on presentation, take more pictures, or do post processing photos.

So Happy National Cheesecake Day and have a good rest of the week. I’m hoping to go back to more typical posts this weekend.

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