Hi All!

No, I didn’t forget that I have a blog. It’s just that I’m really bad sometimes when I make a promise to myself, sometimes others, to adhere to it. And I know that I recently defined for myself that I would update once a week. I need to amend that to about once a week. Please accept these picture of flowers.

Last weekend, I went to three parks in the area. This weekend, I’m likely to be out enjoying the weather again, plus I have sibling brunch. (Which could mean a food related post, but I just can’t guarantee it. In fact, sibling brunches usually take a lot out of me, so probably not!)

So, the new rule, from here on out, is: I will try to update once a week, but Summer and Life might mean that sometimes I’ll be skipping a week. And so be it!


See ya!

5 responses to “summer”

  1. I hear ya. I tried to make the same commitment of once a week and then it became 2, then 3, now its like once a month. Oh well, no pressure right? Blogging is suppose to be fun:)


    • Thank you, and Yes!! Last year, I would blog faithfully once or twice a week. This year, I know it’s going to be less so, and I’m okay with it. Nice to see you!! Thanks for stopping by!


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