• bibingka

    “Just eat it, otherwise they’ll feel bad.” That’s what a nun told me when I was offered some bibingka. I was about 8 years old. And that phrase stuck with me all these years whenever I see or think of bibingka. Even though I no longer have an aversion to it. I was an altar […]

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  • cardamom coffee cookies

    Greetings! Here we are with only a few weeks left of 2021. This is usually a period of time when I sort of draw a blank when it comes to food blogging. I think it stems from not wanting to feel the pressure to have to post something festive or seasonal. The one exception though […]

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  • chocolate yogurt cake

    I may have finally cracked the code! I may have gotten the right balance and proportion of ingredients for chocolate cake in a loaf pan! Finally! I think not adding too much cocoa is key, as well as not adding too much liquid. Too much cocoa may be drying, and too much liquid may end […]

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  • curried salmon chowder in bread bowls

    Greetings! This is not related to this blog post, but I just wanted to let you know that I deleted my personal Facebook account. Can’t really get into the many reasons why I did this, only that I felt a huge weight has been lifted once I hit the delete button. It was time. Unfortunately, […]

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  • mississippi mud pie

    This is not a difficult recipe, it’s just a little time consuming, because you do need to give each layer adequate time to set and get firmer before adding the next layer. If you did not wait to let it set, you may get messy results. After looking at a bunch of different recipes online, […]

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  • apple pull apart rolls

    Greetings! As soon as I saw these pull-apart rolls on the King Arthur website, I wanted to make them. For the boiled cider used in their recipe, I instead substituted 4 cups of apple juice that I reduced to 1/2 cup. I couldn’t find apple cider anywhere in the grocery stores around me, for some […]

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