• guava poppy seed donuts

    guava poppy seed donuts

    After mentally going through three different baked donut recipes in my head, I finally decided to commit to this one, which is based on an apple cider donut recipe from Chef John of Food Wishes! And, lo and behold, it worked on the first go-round, which is unusual for me! I treated the guava nectar like…

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  • apple muffins

    apple muffins

    Happy New Year! It’s okay to still be saying that, right? It’s like saying “good morning” at 11:45 AM! I feel like posting one’s first blog post of the year in late January is sort of like the equivalent of being the last person in your neighborhood to take down your Christmas decorations! Oh well,…

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  • cinnamon cardamom star bread

    cinnamon cardamom star bread

    This is something I made to celebrate the winter solstice. I’ve seen this all over the internet, but decided to go with Sally’s Baking Addiction’s version here. There are a wide variety of other fillings that you can use instead, such as jams, Nutella, Chocolate, or other spices. I just really like the combination of…

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  • bibingka


    “Just eat it, otherwise they’ll feel bad.” That’s what a nun told me when I was offered some bibingka. I was about 8 years old. And that phrase stuck with me all these years whenever I see or think of bibingka. Even though I no longer have an aversion to it. I was an altar…

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  • cardamom coffee cookies

    cardamom coffee cookies

    Greetings! Here we are with only a few weeks left of 2021. This is usually a period of time when I sort of draw a blank when it comes to food blogging. I think it stems from not wanting to feel the pressure to have to post something festive or seasonal. The one exception though…

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  • chocolate yogurt cake

    chocolate yogurt cake

    I may have finally cracked the code! I may have gotten the right balance and proportion of ingredients for chocolate cake in a loaf pan! Finally! I think not adding too much cocoa is key, as well as not adding too much liquid. Too much cocoa may be drying, and too much liquid may end…

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