• ricotta dinner rolls

    It turns out you can substitute ricotta for sour cream with good results! This recipe for sour cream yeast rolls was the base recipe, and I simply substituted ricotta cheese for the sour cream. It worked out great! ricotta dinner rolls  ingredients  2 and 1/2 cups all purpose flour 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 2 and […]

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  • guava bundt cake

    This is a pretty straightforward recipe. Also, if you don’t like the guava seeds and are lucky enough to find guava shells, which are seedless, use that product instead. I kinda like the seeds, so I left one or two small guavas intact before processing them so that there’d be a small amount of seeds […]

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  • chocolate hazelnut nutella muffins 

    I decided to keep things simple, as a muffin recipe should be. So that’s the rationale for keeping this blog post short too. You know what to do when mixing a muffin recipe. You mix the wet and the dry separately, then combine them. Easy-peasy, right? 🙂 Plus, even when I messed up prior workings […]

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  • guava poppy seed donuts

    After mentally going through three different baked donut recipes in my head, I finally decided to commit to this one, which is based on an apple cider donut recipe from Chef John of Food Wishes! And, lo and behold, it worked on the first go-round, which is unusual for me! I treated the guava nectar like […]

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  • apple muffins

    Happy New Year! It’s okay to still be saying that, right? It’s like saying “good morning” at 11:45 AM! I feel like posting one’s first blog post of the year in late January is sort of like the equivalent of being the last person in your neighborhood to take down your Christmas decorations! Oh well, […]

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  • cinnamon cardamom star bread

    This is something I made to celebrate the winter solstice. I’ve seen this all over the internet, but decided to go with Sally’s Baking Addiction’s version here. There are a wide variety of other fillings that you can use instead, such as jams, Nutella, Chocolate, or other spices. I just really like the combination of […]

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