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  • banana cream pie

    banana cream pie

    This came about simply because I wanted to try out a Nilla Wafer crust and also had a couple of bananas to spare that weren’t overripe. You want to use bananas that are just ripe, the kind you would normally eat as is, and not the kind of overripe bananas you would use for banana…

  • no bake coffee nutella pie!

    no bake coffee nutella pie!

    What business does a baking blog have making “no bake” items? Well, it has nutella and coffee, so…does anyone really care? 😉 It’s no bake, except for the crust, but no big deal. 10 minutes in the oven is all you need for the crust. You can probably even skip that, but putting it in…

  • Happy Pi Day!

    Happy Pi Day!

    I promised myself I would post here for Pi Day, and now that Pi Day is here, I’m rushing to get this out so I can go to work. This is called Crack Pie (I kid you not), and is from Momofuku, the bakery, and Milk Bar, in New York. (The same people that brought…