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  • pistachio cranberry pretzels

    pistachio cranberry pretzels

    December is here! I wanted to make something that was only slightly sweet and with only small hints of the red and green colors of the upcoming holiday. Because that’s how I roll. I figured the next few weeks, we will see a bombardment of all things red and green. I tend to prefer the…

  • Orange Pistachio (Russiagate) Cake with Impeachment Frosting

    Orange Pistachio (Russiagate) Cake with Impeachment Frosting

    This Independence Day, I thought I’d do my own take on Watergate Cake, which was first made popular in the mid-1970s, when instant cake mixes and artificial food colorings were all the rage. It was a popular cake to bring to potlucks and barbeques. The original called for a box of instant white cake mix…

  • mixed nut muffins

    mixed nut muffins

    It’s the first weekend of Summer in the Seattle area, and I’m so happy the weather finally reflects that! Happy Summer! These came about as I sat wondering what I have on hand that I haven’t baked with yet… Mixed nuts! Literally staring at me from the kitchen counter! My go-to snack lately. This particular…