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  • lime coconut cassava snack cake

    lime coconut cassava snack cake

    This is an uncomplicated cake with subtle flavoring. If you want, you can make decorative swirls of lime zest or even a thin lime slice or wedge to top each square of cake. If you want more lime flavor, you can add more lime zest to the cake batter and just use more lime juice…

  • pandan lime snack cake

    pandan lime snack cake

    First, I wanted to address the name. I really wrestled with what to call this, probably more than a normal food blogger should, but I’ve been seeing the term “snack cake” used to describe cakes that look like this. Wiki describes “snack cake” as a baked dessert confectionery made with cake and icing, but I’m wondering if…

  • Maple Bacon Snack Cake

    Maple Bacon Snack Cake

    I know putting bacon in sweet things isn’t anything new, but since making the chocolate whiskey bacon crunch cake, I thought it was time for  simpler dessert with bacon. There are a lot of examples on the internet of some good cake with bacon in it; some have bacon in the cake or in the…