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  • Bananas + Chocolate Cake Batter = Success

    Bananas + Chocolate Cake Batter = Success

    I wanted to find out if I could just throw two mashed bananas into a chocolate cake¬†batter and expect that everything will just turn out fine. So I did! And the answer is…yes! But it might depend on the recipe.¬† I would not conclude that this is true for any cake recipe. It seemed to…

  • Almond Lemon Pound Cake

    Almond Lemon Pound Cake

    What do I like so much about baking? I think, in making this cake yesterday, I know. It’s going to sound simple, maybe a little corny. It’s about shape. Making shapes. Putting something into a mold of some sort, and then doing something to a substance, like putting it into an oven, or even just…