The First Six Months

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No, I’m not talking about the first and second trimester of pregnancy. Obviously. Rather, I simply wanted to post here on my blog because I’ve reached the six month mark a few days ago! And I still want to do it! Which, given the history of me starting and stopping food and baking blogs, is amazing to me!

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say, other than I feel very appreciative of the ability to be here, to write here, post pictures, share photos, and to get feedback from others and also to see what others do. It’s such a luxury, and I feel so lucky.

I may have written a few months ago that I wasn’t sure what I was doing here, or what I was trying to accomplish with this blog. I think I’m still unsure. But I’m not trying too hard to answer that. And part of me feels like it’s really just going through the motions of documenting things I make and showing it. I find the process to be very rewarding. Nothing more and nothing less, but perhaps slowly learning different ways of conveying things can be an added bonus.

Below are some pictures from the last several months mixed in with some that may have been from the last year that I haven’t shared before. Have a great weekend!

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6 responses to “The First Six Months”

  1. beingmeyear Avatar

    Wow, some delicious looking food on here plus a very cute cat – happy 6 month blogging anniversary!


    1. davegon Avatar

      Thanks so much! Yeah, that cat, Marge, would you believe, is at least twenty years old? That is the vets best guess. I’ve had Marge since March of 1995, and the vet was guessing she was about 7 months old, but said she could be older. She’s lived with me longer than any human in my life, including my parents. Thanks again!


      1. beingmeyear Avatar

        20 years old, that’s amazing – she looks great! Obviously well looked after 🙂


  2. davegon Avatar

    Thanks. She made a cat person outta me. I didn’t hate cats before, just always thought I was more into dogs. I still like dogs, but now I really like cats. I’ve been really lucky to have her all these years!


  3. Ashley Marie Avatar
    Ashley Marie

    Congratulations Dave! I’ll be at the one year mark this summer, and I was thinking the same thing. Not sure how long I’d keep with it, or if I’d still enjoy it or feel motivated to keep it up. As the months pass I get more and more comfortable with it, and get the same benefits from it as you seem to- just the satisfaction of documenting all the things I’ve put effort into making, and then sharing that with others.

    Keep it up!


    1. davegon Avatar

      Thanks for the encouraging comments! It is what it is. I’m trying not to look at it as a must do in my life. And to not feel like I need to accomplish anything with it. As long as I think of it that way, as long as I don’t feel that it has to be something, it could just exist, and I’m quite content with it. I am learning as I go. Thanks for stopping by!


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