Life is wonderful

I’m doing something a little different today. I just wanted to share some pictures from my iphone, over the last two weeks. I’ve made stuff for the blog that will soon be posted, but I almost feel like the last two weeks have just been so enjoyable, foodwise, and in general, that I had to post about it. Please bear with me.

This was the sunset as I walked with my father on one of his first nights here visiting. This was taken from the Costco parking lot!

photo (13)

My sister made some bread pudding for dessert, for one of our family dinners. Amazing!

photo (14)

One of the mornings I was off work, I decided to oxidize my silverware, by way of a hard boiled egg in a baggie! It only took about 20 minutes. If you want to try this, go here.

photo (15)

 Having made my first Croque Madame recently, I was eager to try the version at Bastille, in Ballard. It was way better than mine, but it could’ve been because of all the ambiance in the place.

photo (17)

  After dinner, we walked a few blocks, to Hot Cakes, in Ballard, whose sign states that it is a molten chocolate cakery. They did have boozy shakes and also the following items– Chocolate Whiskey Cake, and S’mores bar. Apparently, I can handle a lot of decadence in my life. Gladly.

photo (18)

The next night, I took my sisters to Via Tribunali, in Fremont, for some appetizers and dessert. They have the best tiramisu in Seattle, I think.

photo (19)

Ben has been making me to-go salads that I take to work. This is one of his more unusual salads for lunch. It’s pears, apples, beets, and tangerines, with some stinky cheese, sunflower seeds, and a little bacon bits.

photo (16)

On Saturday, we had to go to a store in Burien to buy ingredients for our tamal making party on Sunday, and so we ate lunch at a food truck. These are mulitas con pollo. I love the little roasted onion they serve with everything.

photo (21)

Saturday night, I went with a friend to a place called Harry’s Chicken Joint, in West Seattle. They also served us some biscuits with gravy, fried okra, and butternut squash on the side. This is becoming one of my favorite places, although I feel really full when I leave. They usually play cajun music, which my friend didn’t care for, but I liked a lot.

photo (29)

The following pictures were taken yesterday. We had some people over to make two kinds of tamales–pork with salsa verde tamales, and chicken mole tamales. Turned out pretty well, and we had a ton of tamales too!

photo (23)

photo (28)

photo (27)

photo (24)

photo (25)

photo (26)

photo (12)

This was a recent event in the Seattle area–a double rainbow!! Seattleites then took to their facebook timelines to post their pictures of it! This is what I’m currently using for my cover photo on FB.





4 responses to “Life is wonderful”

  1. e5thera Avatar

    hey dave, have you been to ma’ono in west seattle too? which one do you like better between ma’ono and harry’s chicken joint?


    1. davegon Avatar

      Almost. One time I was with friends, about a year ago, and we almost went there, but it was too crowded. I think they are very different, so even if I did go, it would be like apples and oranges. Harry’s is a very small, down home place, and I feel like I’m in somebody’s living room, whereas Ma’ono looks more fancy and trendy.


      1. e5thera Avatar

        mmm. fried chicken. I’ve been to ma’ono a couple of times (always for brunch) and did enjoy the food. I’m very curious about Harry’s. Maybe let’s brunch there one day.


      2. davegon Avatar

        Deal. Just say the word, Sis!


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