black and white cookies


One of my co-workers got married and is relocating to New York, so since today was her last day here, we decided to have a NYC-themed potluck to wish her well!

I decided to make black and white cookies. After perusing various recipes online, I decided to go with the NYT recipe, and using Smitten Kitchen’s suggestion of adding cocoa to make the color of the chocolate side much richer. And Deb of SK is right! They really are better eaten on the first or second day.

I noticed that although they were still good this morning, they felt a little denser or heavier than the night before. They were a pain to transport on the bus, because I had to place them as single layers in different containers, so as not to mess the tops.

They are not too difficult, but next time I might make my cookies huge, since it means less work in painting the tops of each individual top! Unless you like that sort of thing. I’ll definitely invest in a better brush. The brush I used kept getting loose bristles that would come out, so I had to be very careful not to get them lost in the glaze!


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    • Aww, thanks. I’ve never had one in NYC but I hear they are everywhere there. They really get too heavy after a day or so, but I think an hour after they’ve come out of the oven and have cooled and have been glazed there is still a lightness and crispness that makes them much better, I think.

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    • Aw, thanks Julie. I need the practice for applying glaze like this, and maybe a better brush or applicator, but there are many pics online for inspiration. I like the look of it, but they taste so much better the same day they are made. But thanks so much for your compliments!

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