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  • coffee espresso marshmallows

    coffee espresso marshmallows

    You can thank Ben for convincing not to make Sriracha Cherry marshmallows, and to make these instead! (Although I still think a slightly spicey and sweet marshmallow should be a thing in this crazy world, especially during these times!) And if you don’t have the coffee extract, just use vanilla extract in it’s place. It…

  • radiokaka (radio cake)

    radiokaka (radio cake)

    There is a Swedish confection made by simply melting chocolate with some coconut oil and then layering it with thin biscuits in a mold to let it cool and create a loaf and then slicing it so that the resulting product resembles the face of an antique radio! Pretty cool, huh! As soon as I…

  • honey mustard marshmallows

    honey mustard marshmallows

    Happy New Year, wherever and whoever you are!!! Instead of making resolutions, maybe pick a quote that strikes you as something worth striving for, or something that inspires. I’ll start: “True love is radical because it requires us to see ourselves in all people. Otherwise, it isn’t love. Love is revolutionary because it has us…