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  • malted milk ball blondies

    malted milk ball blondies

    As soon as I learned that one can order malted milk ball centers without the chocolate coating, I ordered a one pound bag! This is from a nut company online. And I knew I wanted to make something that showcased them and didn’t crush, chop, burn or hide them, because really why bother having them…

  • malted hazelnut coffee cake

    malted hazelnut coffee cake

    The brown butter, hazelnuts, and coffee extract all complement the malted milk flavor very well in both the cake and the streusel topping. This can be enjoyed by itself as a snack, or if you want to get real decadent, top with a scoop of French vanilla bean ice cream. I made this for Ben…

  • salted caramel malted milk cookies

    salted caramel malted milk cookies

    This is a cookie that you can be proud of. This is a cookie that has Oomph. The recipe for these cookies requires that you make both a white chocolate malted milk powder “concoction”, for lack of a better word, and a salted caramel sauce that you then add to the cookie dough before forming…