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  • impeachment cakes

    impeachment cakes

    Since last year’s Russiagate Cake with Impeachment Frosting went over so well, for this year’s Independence Day, I decided to continue with an impeachment theme. I call these imp cakes, because they are just a tad smaller than the size of standard cupcakes. I decided to make my imp cakes of the peach-mint variety. Get it? Imp…

  • matcha blackberry friands, vegan

    matcha blackberry friands, vegan

    A friand is a small almond cake, similar to French financiers. In fact,  friand literally means “a tasty thing” in French. They are popular in Australia and New Zealand. The main ingredients for both friand and financier are almond flour, brown butter, icing sugar, and egg whites, but a friand often has additional ingredients and flavors…