ube mochi muffins

These mochi muffins came together so easily that out of all the ube things I’ve made in the last two weeks, these quickly jumped to the number one spot in my head right away in terms of taste, ease of recipe, and overall satisfaction. If you’ve never used glutinous rice flour before, you’re in for a surprise. They come out slightly chewy and rubbery, with just a slight crispness on the edges. I based it off of this recipe from Andrea of Cooking with a Wallflower. I reduced the amount of liquid in mine, which cut the baking time, plus they come out a little wacky in shape for some reason, but I kind of like it! Blubbery, rubbery goodness!

As a kid, I wasn’t a big fan of ube. I think it mainly had to do with not being familiar with yams in general, or that sweet desserts could be made from yams or sweet potatoes. I gradually came to love ube and ube desserts, but it took many years. I think what helped me start to like them was to think of ube as similar to sweet potatoes or pumpkin, which are often made into sweet things, too.

There is almost a chocolate quality to ube, but if you are thinking of adding cocoa or chocolate to these, don’t. It will dominate the recipe and you will lose both the unique taste and the brilliant purple color of ube, and it would be pointless to buy ube products, (which are rare commodities in these parts), just to hide them in a recipe. I’ve made that mistake, so you don’t have to. Unless of course you intentionally want to make a “guess the secret ingredient” chocolate cake recipe.

ube mochi muffins (makes 24 muffins)


4 ounces unsalted butter, melted

1½ cups granulated sugar

 4 large eggs, beaten

1½ cups ube halaya jam (store bought or make your own)

4 teaspoons ube extract 

1 cup coconut milk or milk sub 

16 ounce mochiko flour (sweet rice flour) 

2 teaspoons baking powder method

1/2 teaspoon salt



Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease two 12-count muffin tins or spray with baking spray and set aside.

Mix or blend the first six ingredients (butter, sugar, eggs, jam, ube extract, coconut milk) in one bowl. Mix or stir until blended.

Sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together into another bowl and stir with a whisk several times.

Pour the blended ingredients of the first bowl on top of the flour mixture in the second bowl and stir until all the dry ingredients are moistened and everything is well blended together into a smooth pourable batter.

Divide dough evenly into 24 muffin tins and bake for about 22 minutes until tops are dry not wet or delicate and appear baked. Remove from oven and let side in muffin tins for a few minutes before carefully turning out and putting back right side up to cool. Serve warm or wait until cooled completely. 

Store in freezer tightly wrapped. To reheat, thaw to room temperature or zap in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds.

2 responses to “ube mochi muffins”

  1. Tried your recipe today with only a couple of minor tweaks. 1) I adjusted the sugar – instead of 1 1/2 cups, I used 1 cup of granulated sugar since my homemade ube halaya jam was already sweet. 2) I used 1 tsp of ube flavoring instead of 4. I sprinkled black sesame seeds and unsweetened coconut flakes on top of the batter in the muffin pan. Overall baking time took about 38 minutes. At the 25 minute mark, I covered the muffin pan with aluminum foil to keep the coconut from burning. This recipe yielded 18 standard size muffins for me. The ube mochi muffins were amazing. Thanks for the recipe, Dave!

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