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  • maple pecan cookies

    maple pecan cookies

    These came about simply because we hardly use maple syrup anymore these days, but still have quite a bit in our fridge just waiting to be used. I do make cookies for Ben fairly regularly, and we also had about a cup of pecans in the cupboard. In searching for recipes online for maple cookies,…

  • morning glory muffins

    morning glory muffins

    Lately I’ve been attracted to make simple, familiar things that aren’t too complicated. I think it’s probably in response to the complicated world we now live in, and a yearning for simple and homey things that remind me of a simpler time. This was a recipe I tried several years ago, and this time I…

  • roasted strawberry rye bread

    roasted strawberry rye bread

    No, this isn’t meatloaf. But it kind of looks like meatloaf though,¬†doesn’t it? Haha! All it needs is a side of mash potatoes and a ketchup bottle next to it. Sheesh. Lordy. I’m pretending not to worry, but it kind of worries me a little. Just a little. I’m basically borrowing from two recipes here,…