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  • brown butter pear hazelnut cakelets

    brown butter pear hazelnut cakelets

    Bosc Pears!!! Bosc pears are….well…hard to transport in a backpack. Especially when they are perfectly ripe. Don’t. Unless you don’t mind the skins of the particularly ripe ones coming off and causing some of the flesh and juices to seep out into your backpack! I speak from experience. Still, once I got home, I ate…

  • almond lemon semolina muffins

    almond lemon semolina muffins

    This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the US. The weather during most Memorial Day weekends in Seattle tends to be cloudy, and not quite rainy, but not quite sunny, either. Just sort of blah! Typical late spring weather. This makes it hard to know how to dress, especially if you are planning to go to…