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  • cinnamon cardamom star bread

    cinnamon cardamom star bread

    This is something I made to celebrate the winter solstice. I’ve seen this all over the internet, but decided to go with Sally’s Baking Addiction’s version here. There are a wide variety of other fillings that you can use instead, such as jams, Nutella, Chocolate, or other spices. I just really like the combination of…

  • (pulla) finnish sweet cardamom bread

    (pulla) finnish sweet cardamom bread

    Cardamom is definitely my favorite ingredient. I know I say a lot of things are “my favorite” when I’m posting something with said ingredient, but this is for real. Just the scent makes me happy. I’d bathe in it if it wasn’t so dang expensive. I specifically don’t make stuff with it year round, but…