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  • Greek Yogurt Lemon Loaf

    Greek Yogurt Lemon Loaf

    It is the middle of the month, and as promised, I’m back to the regular foodie/baking blog thing! Happy New Year! Just curious, did you make any new resolutions for the new year? Did you write them down, or do you just formulate a list in your mind? I tend to do the latter. So,…

  • Banana Raspberry Bread

    Banana Raspberry Bread

    A couple of days ago, Ben said that I never bake anything anymore that is specifically for him, and that I always giveaway stuff for other people, like my coworkers. So today I got up and decided to make something that’s all for him. This was to hopefully make up for that comment, and for all the…

  • A Glorious Morning Muffin

    A Glorious Morning Muffin

    I tend not to make new year’s resolutions that are supposed to start strictly on the 1st of January. Rather than do that, I usually start pondering making changes in my life right around the middle of the holidays, and after the 1st will slowly gravitate towards a goal. This has been helpful in making changes…