honey mochi muffins (guava, green tea, and tamarind)


For May, I wanted something that is lighter and suited for springtime with pastel colors and things that don’t have to be heated

for long periods of time at extremely high temperatures. So these are baked at 325 degrees F. for about 30 minutes, which isn’t

too much heat. It’s just enough, however, to make your kitchen smell lightly of guava, green tea, and tamarind!


These are similar to Bibingka, but are also completely dairy-free. I decided against using any chemical leavening for maximum

blubberiness, and also to put honey for the sweetener in the batter and to drizzle honey on top of each muffin to give it a

distinctive look. They keep for a couple of days stored in an airtight container, but are best on day one after they’ve cooled off.


honey mochi muffins (guava, green tea, and tamarind)


3 cups mochiko rice flour

3/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup confectioners sugar

1 and 1/2 cups almond milk

6 Tablespoons canola oil (or 1/2 cup minus 2 Tablespoons)

3/4 cup honey, plus more for drizzling

1 Tablespoon vanilla

4 eggs

2 teaspoons green tea (Matcha) powder

1 Tablespoon + 2 teaspoons tamarind concentrate

1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons guava paste, melted but cooled slightly 

a couple of drops of red food color for pink guava color, optional


Heat oven to 350 degrees F and lightly grease a 24 count muffin tin and set aside.

In a medium bowl sift together the rice flour, salt and confectioners sugar. Set aside.

Add the almond milk, oil, honey, and vanilla into a medium saucepan and stir occasionally with a whisk to blend together while

heating on medium high heat until mixture starts to boil. Remove from heat.

Add the almond mixture to the rice flour mixture and blend with a hand held beater on medium for about 2 minutes.

Add the eggs, one at a time, blending each one in before adding the next.

Divide this into three equal portions by weight, in three separate bowls. Approximately 2 cups of batter per bowl.

Add the three flavor components, the matcha, the tamarind, and the guava, separately to each of the three portions of batter.

Blend each flavor component thoroughly by whisking or using a hand held electric beater, separately of course.

Pour each portion of batter into muffin tins. I used about 3 tablespoons of batter for each muffin.

You should have 8 of each flavor if using a standard muffin mold tray, and 24 muffins in all.

Drizzle each with a little bit of honey in a spiral motion or any desired way.

Bake in 350 degrees F. oven for about 30 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool in molds on wire rack for about 5 minutes.

Remove from mold using a small sharp knife if needed to gently prod out if sticking to molds.


One response to “honey mochi muffins (guava, green tea, and tamarind)”

  1. I make muffins quite often but I’ve never used most of the ingredients in this recipe in any of my muffin recipes! What an interesting recipe, and so healthy too!

    Liked by 1 person

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