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  • honey mochi muffins (guava, green tea, and tamarind)

    honey mochi muffins (guava, green tea, and tamarind)

    For May, I wanted something that is lighter and suited for springtime with pastel colors and things that don’t have to be heated for long periods of time at extremely high temperatures. So these are baked at 325 degrees F. for about 30 minutes, which isn’t too much heat. It’s just enough, however, to make…

  • guava poppy seed heart cake

    guava poppy seed heart cake

    Happy February! Ben and I are just hanging out watching Superbowl LII (I had to look that up; Ben’s the real football fan. I mainly watch it for the commercials!) and baking and cooking.  I’m the baker, Ben’s the cook. Ben is making dinner plus some make-ahead food for the week, and he’s boiling something, I…

  • guava poppy seed muffins

    guava poppy seed muffins

    Searching online for the combination of guava and poppy seeds in recipes, I really didn’t find much, so thought that I’d make my own. Guava poppy seed muffins, anyone? They’re vegan, too! This idea has been mulling around in my head for months, but I just kept hesitating to put down the $3 for a…