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  • blackberry cream cheese kolaches

    blackberry cream cheese kolaches

    Happy September! Hope you are doing well considering how 2020 is shaping up to be thus far! Hang in there! 😉 I made these three times. I wasn’t planning to, but somehow “third time’s the charm” always seems to apply whenever I’m trying out a new recipe. This utility pole with a “3” sign on…

  • rosehip nut bread

    rosehip nut bread

    Okay, I promise this is the last time you’ll be seeing rosehips here. Haha! Lessons learned from a overeager weekend forager: Rugosa rosehips may seem ripe, but if you wait a few more weeks, their colors deepen even more, and they get a little softer. Debate is still out whether their flavor deepens, too, although…

  • italian plum cobbler

    italian plum cobbler

    I keep wanting to type ‘pudding’ instead of ‘cobbler’ for this recipe, but I don’t know why, lol. This is sort of a cakey version of a cobbler, adapted from here. If there has been one clear benefit since working from home and thus having more time to walk around and explore my ‘hood, it’s…