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  • chocolate yogurt cake

    chocolate yogurt cake

    I may have finally cracked the code! I may have gotten the right balance and proportion of ingredients for chocolate cake in a loaf pan! Finally! I think not adding too much cocoa is key, as well as not adding too much liquid. Too much cocoa may be drying, and too much liquid may end…

  • garlic rolls

    garlic rolls

    Greetings! I know garlic confit sounds a little fancy, but it’s basically slow cooking a bunch of peeled garlic cloves in oil in a 200 degree F. oven to bring out their sweetness as well as make them soft and spreadable. This takes about 2 hours in the oven, though, so if you’d rather not,…

  • olive oil turmeric cake

    olive oil turmeric cake

    This is a simple straightforward recipe that I tried to needlessly make more complicated a few times, because that’s how I roll! Haha! But in so doing, I learned a few things, so there was value in making a few “test cakes”. They’re all wrapped up and frozen now, waiting to be repurposed. Most likely,…