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  • mantecadas


    Yesterday, putting my own spin and interpretation on a recipe I saw online, I made what I thought were mantecadas. I was mistaken. I actually made very soft and dainty little yellow cake cupcakes. I was so happy with them! They were great, but they weren’t mantecadas. It wasn’t until later when I did more…

  • rebanadas de mantequilla

    rebanadas de mantequilla

    I’ve been interested in doing a post on these for a few years now but lost interest when I couldn’t get it right, not once, but twice! Around two years ago, I twice didn’t give enough time for a loaf’s second rising, and as a result, each of the two loaves I made had a…

  • cocoles de anis

    cocoles de anis

    This is my take on a very traditional pan dulce mexicano. Cocoles de Piloncillo y Anis is probably the oldest type of bread that still exists and is still being made in all parts of Mexico. It is traditionally made with wheat flour, milk, eggs, and some local ingredients. I took liberties with the recipe…