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  • fig gorgonzola walnut honey pizza

    fig gorgonzola walnut honey pizza

    Greetings! This recipe is based on one I’ve made a few times over the last two decades. It’s originally from a book called Vegetarian Pizza, by James McNair. The only difference is I used a different recipe for the dough. Every time I made this in the past though, I’ve always used dried figs; I…

  • ginger fig muffins

    ginger fig muffins

    We are experiencing more typical Seattle weather, finally! Which is nice. I mean, I like the dry and sunny summery days we’ve been having, but this is Seattle,¬†and it is winter, dammit. Rainy days and Mondays do not always get me down. Plus, it’s baking weather! Plus, the lighting on a rainy day is perfect!…